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Out and about today. Started talking to someone who said, “Oh, being an author must be so glamorous.” Uh-huh. Today, after putting out a number of small conflagrations, I decided I needed to do one last thing before I left for errand-o-rama.

So I wrote a post to let Kobo readers know that PRELUDE TO A WEDDING is on sale at 35% off through Monday (use the code May35 on Kobo.) I wrote the post, checked the link (because there have been all sorts of links going wonky all day) and it worked. BUT when I linked to Kobo, FB whacked the cover image top and bottom. So I decided to put in a cover you could actually see. BUT the cover image I have is too big for FB. So I opened Photoshop, copied the image, changed the size … BUT it wouldn’t save. Said there was a system error. So I closed the program, waited, reopened, waited, redid everything. System error. Wouldn’t save.

So I opened my other laptop, which has a newer version of Photoshop, although the menu fonts are soooo tiny I can’t read them even with 2 pairs of glasses, and Photoshop knows about this problem, because it’s all over the Internet, BUT has chosen not to fix it. So, it’s Photoshop by Braile. But – WAIT! I’m getting way ahead of myself. I open the 2nd laptop … and it immediately shuts itself off because it’s out of battery. So I move both laptops downstairs (because the original laptop has the post all written and ready to go on it and I don’t want to have to redo that, but the plug for the 2nd laptop is downstairs.) Plug in the 2nd laptop, it
has juice, BUT the system doesn’t come on because it’s … oh, joy… updating. New and improved, no doubt.

Let the dog out, feed the dog, pick up the neighbor’s newspaper, et my mail, drink some V-8, check the roses. Still updating.

Answer emails back on the 1st computer, put some dishes away, gather items for errands, put on anti-itch stuff.

Oh, did I mention I have poison ivy? I’m super sensitive to it since getting systemic PI from breathing it in at a construction sight. The worst is on the top of my middle and ring fingers on each hand. What on earth did I touch just with the back of my fingers while gardening yesterday? Anyway, I’m putting anti-itch stuff on it, and between the itch and the liquid anti-itch, it’s been making typing harder. And then there’s the spot by my eyebrow and another on my arm.

Still updating.

Writing this to this point.

Finally the updating is DONE!

So now I can open Laptop2. Open Photoshop with the itty-bitty menu fonts. Make 2 errors because can’t see the menu fonts and do the rest of it my remembering where things are from the other version of Photoshop where I can actually see the menu fonts (that’s the old, not updated, not improved version of Photoshop btw. I can hardly wait to see what the updates do to Laptop2.)

Back to Latop1. Add photo – it works! BUT I’d forgotten to put code in. Open post to edit it. FB burps. Takes another 15 minutes to get FB back on track. Finally, finally, finally the post is UP.

Elapsed time: 1 hour 43 minutes.

Leave to run errands. Starts pouring. Spend next 1 hour 45 minutes dodging thunderstorms as I go in and out of errand stops. Bitter thoughts about if it hadn’t taken so long, I would have been out in the rain.

Returned home as a fine example of the Glamorous Author Drowned Rat Look.

How come Richard Castle never goes through this?