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It’s mid-July.

(You probably know that.)

That means it’s about four months past St. Patrick’s Day.

(You probably could have figured that out if you’d cared to.)

So, my front door decoration with the green ribbon I put up for St. Patrick’s Day is just a tiny bit out of date.

Green ribbon? That’s no problem. Anyone can use a green ribbon any time of the year, especially one that’s faded to a not-quite-so-Irish green, I hear you thinking.

(Bet you didn’t know you thought that loud, huh.)

But what about the shamrock? Yup. Still have the shamrock hanging on my front door, too.

Most of the time the ribbon covers it. But sometimes the wind blows everything around and the shamrock not only shows but knocks against the door, and a certain furry dog immediately goes to DefCon7.

What have I been doing since St. Patrick’s Day? Mostly working on THE SURPRISE PRINCESS. Plus, buying back the rights to SIGN OFF and LEFT HANGING, them preparing them to put up everywhere as part of the Caught Dead in Wyoming series. Busy, busy, busy.

So, here’s the question: Now that I’ve gone 4 months past St. Patrick’s Day like this, would you:

OPTION 1: Just let it ride to September – I have a fall door wreath all ready to go for then.

OPTION 2: Update it now with the possibility that I’ll forget to change it out with the fall one then, because it won’t be as obvious that it’s out of date.

What would you do?