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The picture says it all, including my feeling about the situation. I scratched my cornea Tuesday. Most likely by having a contact in inside out. I took it out, cleaned it, put it back in and thought all was well. Not so much.

patricia mclinn eye cataract surgeryBy Tuesday night it was Bad. Hurt a bunch. Couldn’t stand light at all. Including computer screen. Sob. Put some goo in it overnight.

Wednesday, it was a little better — less pain — but couldn’t see out of that eye. Didn’t really try much because trying made it hurt. So I put more goo in periodically. Made some business phone calls, listened to podcasts, and took naps.

I also rigged up the charming outfit in the selfie. That’s an eye mask from first class flight to Australia last August. I slid it around so I could see out of my good eye while the mask protected my injured eye. In case you want to know, the trick is to put that glasses on underneath and the mask on top. Far less eye-mashing than the other way around.

That night I watched the old Walter Mathau move Hopscotch with Glenda Jackson, Sam Waterston, and Ned Beatty. Okay, parts of it I only listened to because I had my eyes closed. Not because the movie was scary, but because my eyes were tired. Still, it was worth it.

Thursday, I added a ball cap to the ensemble and went outside for some one-eyed gardening. I figured I could get some planting done in pre-storm darkness, then the rain would water in the just-planted plants. I didn’t quite make it. So then I was one-eyed gardening in the rain. Not optimal.

Also on Thursday, I could look at computer screens for short bursts as long as they don’t have white backgrounds, which was very limiting. My writing program has a white background. Sigh.

Today, I felt recovered enough — with sunglasses and ballcap despite it being cloudy —  to take Kalli to the vet for her booster shots and general check up. She was not thrilled.

And the plants appear to have survived Day 1.

But now that I’ve typed this … time for more goop in the eye. And maybe a nap.