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I was reading something where the writer was commenting on accepting compliments. It elaborated on those who are really bad at accepting compliments, who think that acknowledging that someone else might think you were actually good at something or had done something well or that you just ~were~ good might jinx you

And I’m thinking, yeah, everybody knows that.

And then it said, “Midwesterners, I’m looking at you.”

What? Is this only Midwesterners? Is that true?

I thought everyone feared accepting a compliment because it was sure to open you up to someone (most especially yourself), saying, are you NUTS? Do you really think you did/are/produced something good?

Did this really come – along with friendliness, a willingness to help, an abiding love of the Cubs, strong practicality, and an ability to walk and drive in snow – from my Midwestern roots?

What do you say? Are you good at accepting compliments? And region are you from?

And if you started out not being good at accepting compliments and have improved in that area, how’d you do it? … And don’t you worry about jinxes?