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After a lot of work and much anticipation, I could not be happier to announce the release of The Surprise Princess. The latest installment in The Wedding Series, The Surprise Princess, was scheduled to be released September 9, but we managed to move the release date up and the book is now available!

If you’ve been following The Wedding Series, you’ll be happy to see some familiar faces making appearances in the newest book. You can revisit characters you’ve come to know from The Wedding Series and Hoops, my first release, or read The Surprise Princess as a standalone. Either way, I hope you enjoy The Surprise Princess, and get ready for the next book in the series, The Forgotten Prince!


The Surprise Princess

Katie Davis is a perfectly ordinary young woman living a perfectly ordinary life in small-town Wisconsin … isn’t she?

The most interesting thing about her is that she works for the men’s basketball office at Ashton University. If she considers the biggest perk of the job being around assistant basketball coach Brad Spencer, that also makes her ordinary, because what woman wouldn’t feel that way? So these people coming around saying she could be the long-missing granddaughter of the King of Bariavak have to be wrong … don’t they?

Brad has a real soft spot for Katie. She stirs his protectiveness, his penchant for the underdog, and, possibly, certain other reactions he’s not about to indulge. So he’s going to do his damnedest to make sure Katie gets all that she deserves, including the crown that might be her right … even though it means Her Royal Highness will never again look at a basketball coach from Wisconsin like he’s the king of her heart.

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