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Do you read iBooks? If so, there’s some special fun and an iBooks giveaway for you in the month of June.

I’ll be offering one of my titles free from iBooks each day from June 1st through the 30th.

Look for more details here and on my Facebook page. There will be questions to answer and opinions to give — just comment with your responses here or at Facebook. Responding at both spots gets you two entries for each day’s giveaway. My executive assistant Kay will be running the giveaway.

And I won’t be alone. Just check for the hashtag #iBooksGalore on Facebook and Twitter to find the authors participating.

iBooks giveaway great summer reading

My readers who use Kobo and Kindle have had special opportunities before. Now it’s the iBooks readers’ turn. Hope you enjoy this!

If you’re a bit adventurous, there are ways to read iBooks on your PC or tablet. I’m told you can remove the DRM security that Apple puts on all iBooks and load it to your PC/tablet. Here’s one set of instructions — I’ve never used them, but they sound reasonable. <wg>

And don’t forget, you can keep up with all my updates and news by signing up for my Readers List.

iBooks giveaway great summer reading

You get an entry for that day’s giveaway with a comment on the Facebook post or a comment here on my blog (It will count for the date of your comment) or sign up for my Readers’ List and you get an entry for each day from the day you sign up through the end of the month.

So you can get 3 entries a day — comment on that day’s Facebook post, comment here on my blog that day. And sign up for my Readers’ List (or let us know at that you’re already a subscriber), and that will be your third entry.

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