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We had a small setback in our goal of uniting the Caught Dead in Wyoming audiobook series under our new narrator, Betsy Moore. Several of the final words in Sign Off‘s early chapters were clipped, or in one case, a sentence was dropped. We have uploaded the corrected audio files and they should be available now. To obtain the new audio, remove the current download from your Audible library or Audible app, refresh the page or screen, then download the title again.

Regular audiobook listeners are familiar with this process, but if you’re not, you can call Audible’s Customer Care Team, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 888-283-5051.

The good news is Left Hanging, with Betsy’s narration, is now on sale at Amazon and Audible, and is coming soon to other audiobook online retailers. Would you like to give Left Hanging a try? You can download the first chapter of the audiobook here.
Next up: Cold Open (Book 7), which is in the final edits stage, and Shoot First (Book 3), just starting in production.