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Just read an article about a bookstore called A Novel Romance in Louisville, Kentucky, a few hours away from Patricia’s home city. Originally a cozy space in another Louisville suburb, A Novel Romance quickly outgrew expectations, prompting a move to a larger venue within 11 months.

The owner, Jonlyn Scrogham, created A Novel Romance as a tribute to a lost friend, transforming it into a healing and communal space that goes beyond its inclusive romance novel offerings. The bookstore features cozy nooks like the “noveling nook”—a dedicated area for reading and enjoying books. More than a bookstore, it’s a gathering place for all lovers of romance.

Sounds like a great place to hang out and check out some books!

As the Paris Olympics are soon to begin, in keeping with the sports theme, Patricia plans to give A Novel Romance a few copies of her standalone sports romance, The Games. Though set at a Winter Olympics, it follows three American athletes and their Olympic Village experience. Go Team USA! Meanwhile, let’s also support these rare gems, independent bookstores.

The Games, by Patricia McLinn (First Edition)

Check out A Novel Romance Bookstore:

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