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The past month has been … uh, interesting.  If you missed the news, you can read all the details in two earlier blogs:

What I Did on Christmas Vacation A K A Why LAST DITCH Is Late And Why It Might Be Important For Your Health

Kalli’s Turn for Surgery … Oh, My

I’ve encapsulated the progress in our dual recoveries in a few steps.


My stages of recovery so far:

Ow! (Days 1-3)

Huh. That hurts? That’s weird.

Figuring out how to perform basic movements with acceptable levels of pain.


Wow! (Day 3-end of Week 2)

Performing all those basic movements like a whiz and with little pain.

Discovering additional things that can be done successfully and with little pain.


Now! (Week 3-unknown)

Why can’t I do anything without needing a nap afterward?

When is everything going to be back to normal?


Kalli’s stages of recovery:

Let me out! (Day 1)

Got to get out of this surgery vet place – now!

Phew. Home.

Let me out NOW! (Days 2-90)

kalli collie dog patricia mclinn authorOut of the cone.

Out of the Kalli corrals

Out of the booty

Out of the cast

Out of the house to chase SQUIRRELS!