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This blog post should be bordered in black.

I had written over the holidays, working on JACK’S HEART, the next book in the Wyoming Wildflowers series. I was really pleased with a couple scenes in particular. They had tied together multiple elements with insights that just came to me – the sort of moments that delight writers.

And then, today, I discovered they were all gone. I have no idea how this happened, since I use Dropbox to keep all my files up to date no matter what computer I’m working on. But it happened. The “most recent” version was from two days before when I made the best writing progress.

Non-writers – a k a “civilians” <wg> – wonder what the big deal is. Just write it over again. Alas, it doesn’t work that way. No piece of writing can ever be recreated exactly. Add in a couple weeks, traveling, visiting, hosting, cooking, celebrating, and all the non-writing activities, plus the fact that my brain felt those details, lines, and connections could be dumped because I’d already written those sections, and it’s all gone.

Gone. Gone. Gone.

It’s enough to make an author hate the New Year.

… oh, wait, there are still Christmas cookies. So 2015 isn’t all bad …