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Meet the newest addition to my Reader Hall of Fame — Kathy Nesfeder.

My Reader Hall of Fame lives on my website, under the Extras for Readers section.

The Reader Hall of Fame started years ago on my website, with wonderful Hall of Famers from Australia and France, as well as the U.S and Canada.  I had let the Hall of Fame go fallow for a while (busy, busy, busy!) — too long! So I’m excited and delighted to have Kathy as the first in Reader Hall of Fame 2.0 🙂

My Reader Hall of Fame honors readers who have been particularly active in sharing the word about my books, or have gone above and beyond what so many wonderful readers do, or who (most importantly) love my books!  So if you love my books and/or know someone who does, I hope you’ll drop me a note to nominate yourself or someone else.

In the meantime, come read Kathy’s responses to questions about reading and loving books — Congratulations, Kathy!