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3 stand-alone mysteries with romance from USA Today bestselling author Patricia McLinn

In Proof of Innocence, prosecutor Maggie Frye is drawn to a small town in the Blue Ridge Mountains to solve the case of what could be a serial killer. In Price of Innocence, it is Detective Bel Belichekl who risks everything – his friendships, his reputation, his career, his heart and his life — to solve a murder in Fairlington. Premise of Innocence is Detective Tanner Landis’s story.

If you love twists and turns, characters who stick with you, and mysteries and romance swirled together, you’ll love The Innocence Trilogy.

Wow! What a page-turner. I had so many people I suspected of the crimes. This was a great suspense with a touch of romance. The author added several different point-of-views from the characters, which added to the mystery of who-done-it.

Jutzie, Amazon 5-star review