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Olympics Link by Link


2022 Winter Games
Beijing, China ~ Feb. 4-20

2018 Winter Games
PyeongChang, South Korea ~ Feb. 9-25

Links for the 2018 Winter Games

The Basics


Winter Olympic History

*** — The two-man bobsled winners in 1948 were Switzerland’s Felix Endrich and Friedrich Waller in 5:29.2. Team USA – Francis Tyler, Patrick Martin, Edward Rimkus, William D’Amico — took four-man gold in 5:20.1

Sport by Sport

For each sport, the IOC site give information on how the sport evolved, past and present equipment, competition requirements, what events will be held.

The IOC site even includes a flash animation demonstration of each sport.




Figure Skating

Ice Hockey


Nordic Combined



Skiing – Alpine Skiing

Skiing – Cross-Country Skiing

Skiing – Snowboarding

Skiing – Freestyle Skiing

Skiing – Ski Jumping

Speed Skating

Upcoming Games

2018 – Winter: PyeongChang (South Korea)
2021 – Summer: Tokyo (Japan)
2022 – Winter: Beijing (China)
2024 – Summer: Paris (France)
2026 — Winter: Milano Cortina (Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy)

2028 – Summer: Los Angeles (U.S.)

Winter Olympic Mystery Quote

“Luge strategy? Lie flat and try not to die.”
~ attributed to “Carmen Boyle, Olympic Luge Gold Medal winner 1996

If you’ve been anywhere near a Web quote site or humor page, you’ll have seen this quote. It’s a great line. Just a few problems with it: There were no Winter Olympics in 1996 and the IOC database does not list a Carmen Boyle as a medal winner in any Olympics of any year in any event. Hmmm. I thought maybe a World Champion gold medalist instead of Olympic, but no luck there, either.

If you have any luck tracking down this mystery quote and mystery person, send your sleuthing to me, and I’ll add it here. You can also send nominations for your favorite Winter Olympics quote – a real one – to me for posting here.

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