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heroEight stories, eight authors, eight heroes, eight loves.

That’s what you get in I NEED A HERO. A brand new romance boxed set available exclusively now at iBooks for free!

What I think is particularly fun about this collection is the variety of voices and approaches you’ll get from the eight of us with stories in this free romance boxed set – Judith Arnold, Jean Brashear, Dee Davis, Julie Kenner, Day Leclaire, Lisa Mondello, Kathryn Shay, and me. Whatever kind of hero you need to read, you’ll find him here.

Most of us were at the Novelists, Inc., conference in October at St. Pete Beach, Fla., enjoying the gulf breezes and lovely sights when I came up with the general idea, Dee Davis gave us the fabulous title, and everyone piled on with ideas and enthusiasm.

This was truly a group effort. Our complementary skills and interests let us divide all the work that goes into bringing you a project like this — a brand new free romance boxed set.

Our stories are also complementary, bringing you a diversity of views on what makes a hero … and what a hero needs to find love.

Get your copy of I NEED A HERO free now!