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Today’s been release day for WHERE LOVE LIVES: THE INHERITANCE (Wyoming Wildflowers, Book 6,) the new release in The Inheritance Series.   It’s been interesting … as in the Chinese curse “May you live an interesting life.”

where love lives the inheritance patricia mclinn wyoming wildflowers western romanceThe tech goblins have been running riot. As a reader, you shouldn’t have to care one little bit about such things. So I’m certainly not going to bore you with my goblin-wrestling saga (even though it’s a riveting tale, with the valiant heroine beset on every side, that would have you crying and cheering me on at the same time!)

But I want to alert you to a couple things:

NOOK. Some of you contacted me about a major glitch with downloading WHERE LOVE LIVES. I really appreciate that heads-up! I’ve been in contact today with Nook — they say they’re still working to fix it.

If you have ordered WHERE LOVE LIVES on Nook, I would love to hear in the comments if you’ve received it okay OR if you’ve encountered a problem.

See UPDATE below.

KINDLE. If the book you downloaded says “Second Edition,” you’re fine. Happy Reading! 🙂  (Any books downloaded after about 4 p.m. EDT today (Tuesday, April 19) should be “Second Edition.”)

If the book you downloaded says “First Edition,” I encourage you to update to “Second Edition.” You should get an email from Amazon/Kindle notifying you of the Second Edition. If you do, just follow those directions.

But in case you don’t get that email, you can get the latest edition (this works for other books, too.) I’m not familiar with this process but found what seems like a clear explanation here.

Hope you enjoy Zoe and Matt’s story in WHERE LOVE LIVES, despite any tech glitches!

More information on WHERE LOVE LIVES: THE INHERITANCE plus links to all the retailers is on the book page.

UPDATE: Wednesday, April 20

Official message from NOOK:
We have confirmed that the complete and final manuscript file for “Where Love Lives: The Inheritance” is now being delivered to customers.

If a customer downloaded the temporary version of the file, they can follow these instructions to download the final version:

To receive the updated NOOK Book file at no additional charge, the customer can re-download your NOOK Book by using the Archive/Un-Archive feature. This is done in the Library by pressing and holding your finger on the cover image until a menu pops up, and then selecting “Archive”. In the upper right corner press “My Stuff” > “Archived”, and then press and hold your finger again on the cover image and select “Unarchive.”

Please note that NOOK does not reach out to notify customers of changes to any NOOK Book, and NOOK does not share customer information.

If a customer is having trouble with archiving/unarchiving, please have the customer to reach out to Barnes & Noble customer service for assistance using this link to the web-based support system or the phone number included below:

1-800-THE-BOOK (1-800-843-2665)