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The Great Ocean Road was an incredible highlight of my recent trip to Australia. During the planning stage, I’d decided to splurge on an individual tour with The Private Tour Guide a k a Simon.

apollo bay bakeryIt was a great decision. As anyone who’s been looking at my Facebook page knows, I took a zillion photos of the glorious landscapes and seascapes, half a zillion videos of the natural wonders (though some of the videos were of my coat pocket. But never mind that.), and a zillion and a half of animals and birds that proclaimed I wasn’t in Kentucky anymore. Plus, I got the germ of an idea of stranding characters on a beach with the tide coming in and no way out … But that will have to percolate longer.

Besides, what I’m telling you about now is that amid the glorious seascapes and natural wonders and photogenic critters, one of the absolute highlights of the Great Ocean Road trip for me was the Apollo Bay Bakery … and I didn’t eat a thing.

apollo bay bakerySimon had said I needed to meet ABB’s owner, Sally – and he was right.

Sally was delightful. In the brightly decorated front-of-shop, we talked books (I know, what a surprise) and we talked bakeries. Then she took me in back to show me where the magic happens – omg, the size of those mixers! If you licked those beaters, you’d explode.

And there was a wonderful bonus in meeting Sally’s mom (Mum in Australian?), Marion. Who was as charming and welcoming as her daughter.

But I think what impressed me the most was that Sally had bought the Apollo Bay Bakery without any experience in bakeries.

She bought it and then she dove in to remaking it.

So often we shy away from doing something because we haven’t done it before. (Okay, I do that.) But what it comes down to is if you only do things you’re experienced at, you’re never going to do anything new.

In other words, you get stuck in a rut.

Instead of experience, Sally applied enthusiasm, energy, the willingness to work very hard, ideas, a love of people, generosity.

She’s turned them into a business that’s succeeding. More, it’s employing people and it’s contributing to its community. (Not to mention serving up yummies.)

I’m going to work hard at holding on to the lesson I learned in that too-brief visit to the Apollo Bay Bakery.

Oh, yes, I’m also holding on to Sally’s email, because she promised to answer questions when I have those characters eating at ABB before I strand them on that beach.

My one regret is that I didn’t eat any of the Apollo Bay Bakery’s goodies. (Note: Do not go to Apollo Bay Bakery immediately after eating lunch.) I wonder if Sally delivers to Kentucky? 😉

~ ~ ~

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