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Sunday is a day of work for me.

Now, everybody all together, awwwwww.

Thank you, I needed that.

Last Ditch by Patricia McLinn, cozy mystery books, mystery with humor, amateur sleuth, women sleuths, dog mystery, mysteriesI’m writing on LAST DITCH, Book 4 in the “Caught Dead in Wyoming” mystery series. Sure, writing a mystery is about a murder (or two or three), but I get a kick out of these characters and Elizabeth’s dry humor makes me grin. Also love her developing relationship with Shadow the dog. (You thought I was going to say with Mike, didn’t you? Or are you in the Tom camp? Hee-hee-hee.) Good thing I enjoy it, huh?

Just to prove I’m really writing, here’s a snippet (Nope, not giving you a snippet that advances the Mike or Tom question for Elizabeth — leaving you all in suspense! <eg>):


This snippet starts with Elizabeth at Diana’s house, with Mrs. Parens and Aunt Gee also there. Elizabeth’s mom calls on the phone (with Elizabeth’s dad in the background) and mentions a plan to visit Sherman, Wyoming very soon. Elizabeth replies …

“Visit? Me? Here?”

“Yes. Drive out and –.”

“There’s nowhere for you to stay. Remember? Dad said he wouldn’t stay in either of Sherman’s motels and you didn’t think Haber House’s linens were fresh and –”

“I have a spare room,” Mrs. Parens proclaimed. “You parents will stay with me, Elizabeth.”

“Nonsense,” Aunt Gee said. “I have a guest room with its own bathroom, and no one would ever say my linens aren’t fresh.”

Since I suspected the woman ironed paper napkins, I wasn’t going to argue with her. Or with Mrs. Parens, so I had to find another way to stop this train wreck gathering speed as it rolled right toward me.

“They’re staying here,” Diana said. “We’ve already set it all up.”

“What?” I said to something Mom had said that I didn’t catch. Then Diana’s words sank in and from beneath the rubble of the train wreck I got out, “What?”


LAST DITCH, Caught Dead in Wyoming, Book 4 is on preorder at iBooks, Kobo, and GooglePlay now! The book will show up for you the moment it’s released.

(Preorders are like cheese in the maze for a mouse … they keep me going 😉 )