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Whoo boy,  is this ever going to be a case of the sighI-challenged leading the way. I asked if folks might be willing to add me (a k a Patricia McLinn Page) to their interests on Facebook to encourage FB to recognize I exist when they decide which of my posts to show to you wonderful folks who have liked my page.

A few folks came back with the very reasonable question: How?

I fumbled my way around to try to find the answer. When I searched in FB it only talks about creating lists. That’s not what we want. So. I kept digging.

Here is what I did, illustrated with crummy graphics (see post about my spilling a drink into my keyboard on the computer I usually use for graphics, so instead I did these on an itty-bitty screen.)

1.) Go to “Home” (on your profile, not a “page” if you have one.

2.) In the left sidebar column, way toward the bottom, there’s something called “Interests” (see below.)

facebook friends

3.) If it says “Add Interests” click that and you get to skip a couple steps. Otherwise, click where it says “Interests.”

4.) This will call up a page labeled (oddly enough) “Interests.” (see below) Do NOT click the box in the upper right that says “Add Interests.”  You would ~think~ that’s where you wanted to go to, you know, add interests, but this is FB land, so it’s not. Instead, it will take you to weird list world, which is not the weird world we want.

5.) Instead, click on  “Pages and Public Figures.”

facebook pages

6.) Which you would think would take you to Pages and Public Figures. Not exactly. Takes you to a page (see below) where the only button you can click says “Add Friends to List.” (Because, you know, you asked for Pages and Public Figures, but FB figures you were just WRONG.)  Give up on logic or reason, and click “Add Friends to List.”

facebook public figures

7.) That brings up a popup box that says “Edit Pages and Public Figures” at the top, but
has actually defaulted to your “Friends.” (Ask me why, go ahead, ask me why? Because we’re in FB Land, of course!)


8.) Click the Down arrow beside the word “Friends” and scroll to “Pages” and click that, while FB says, “Oh, you wanted Pages? Why didn’t you say so before?” and you scream, “I DID!”

facebook pages

9.) You might have to scroll down to find my pic (especially if FB reads this Post –I’ll probably be in the dungeon.)  But when you find me in the red blouse, click the pic.

10.) Click FINISH. Fall to the ground and kiss the earth in joy at being done.

Know that I am SO grateful to you for pursuing this marathon! And relieved you survived this journey into FB land.