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The wonderful folks of the Romance Writers of Australia Conference asked me to write a blog for Writers Victoria. The conference is in Melbourne, which is in Victoria.

The blog is on introducing humor — or humour for you readers who spell it that way 😉 — into stories. And it’s now up at Writers Victoria!

I’ll be speaking at the Romance Writers of Australia​ national conference August 20-23 — a workshop on Survival Kit for Writers Who Don’t Write Right, a panel with amazing authors including buddies Anne Gracie and Mary Jo Putney, and the closing address, which is supposed to be short (oh, good) and inspiring (uh-oh.)

The last weekend of August, I’ll be speaking at the Romance Writers of New Zealand Inc.​ national conference in Auckland. That will include workshops on 25 Top Tips From 25 Years of Publishing and Lessons I’ve Learned In Indie Publishing, with the possibility of a third workshop on Your Characters’ Emotional Landscape.

Here’s the cut and paste-able link to the blog: