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I have a wedding to plan.

It’s for April and Hunter from THE CHRISTMAS PRINCESS. Remember the epilogue in THE CHRISTMAS PRINCESS, where you met Katie Davis, up in her attic looking for something her mother left her? Well, the new book I’m working on is her story (working title is THE SURPRISE PRINCESS.) In this new story, April and Hunter get married.

If you think fictional weddings are lots easier to pull off than real ones, you’re wrong. Less expensive – yes. Faster to plan – no. It takes a lot of wedding planning to make one up.

In fact, there should be a new profession – fictional wedding planners. (Those would be planners of fictional weddings, not wedding planners who are fictional <wg>.) So, let’s get organized and plan a wedding.

The first question is when. The answer so far is I’m not totally sure. Possibly June, because I know some other stuff has to happen later in the summer and – oh! I just had an idea about how to solve another issue. Maybe.

So we’re not real sure on when yet. And then there’s where. Grandma Beatrice’s house in Charlottesville, Va., which is where Leslie and Grady were married in GRADY’S WEDDING? That was a lovely wedding and holding this wedding there would reflect April’s family ties. But I worry about security, what with the King of Bariavak walking April down the aisle. Plus, I want a larger aisle for a secret reason (tease, tease, tease. Evil, aren’t I?) Would King Jozef want it to be in Bariavak? Well, yes, but then consider the difficulty of getting all the guests over to that tiny mountainous country. Washington, D.C.? That could be good because then Hunter’s co-workers could attend and it wouldn’t be too bad for most of the people who consider April family. There could be a little issue with Madam trying to take over, but I think that could be held in check. But if it’s in D.C., where in D.C.? There are so many amazing venues …

And what about the reception for April and Hunter? What will that be like? Formal? Casual? And where?

Of course Maurice will design April’s dress and Etienne will do her hair. But what kind of dress? What style of hair? What about special flowers? Hmm. Since they fell in love at Christmas time, I wonder if we could slip in some holly <wg>.

Who will be in the wedding? Leslie will be matron of honor for sure. Bette (PRELUDE TO A WEDDING) and Tris (WEDDING PARTY) as bridesmaids? Who’ll be Hunter’s best man? He’d been so solitary until April came into his life. . . Oh, have to work the dogs in, too – Rufus and Dragon.

Guests? This could be interesting. Katie Davis will be there for sure (after all, THE SURPRISE PRINCESS is her story, so she definitely gets to come to the wedding.) But who will be her plus-one guest? At last! Something I know for sure. (I’ll give you a hint: He appears in my book HOOPS.)

I have one idea about the cake… But should I let Madam and Sharon collaborate on baking it, or have it be a special order creation?

What are your ideas for THE CHRISTMAS PRINCESS’s wedding? What am I forgetting? Become fictional wedding planners and help me plan this wedding for April and Hunter!