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The holidays are past. Well, for me they’re almost past.

The Christmas tree came down Wednesday (I was beginning to fear the Fire Marshal would knock on the door.) The outside lights are coming down … soon. Really. Soon. Even though I really like coming down the block and seeing them shining.

Yup, it’s hard to see the bright lights of that season dimmed. But the good news is that the seasons are changing to Wyoming Wildflowers season!

Sure it’s still winter in Wyoming (boy, is it winter some days!) but the wildflowers are blooming across ebook retailers everywhere. 🙂

Enjoy the first two Wyoming Wildflowers stories for FREE – WYOMING WILDFLOWERS: THE BEGINNING and ALMOST A BRIDE  – for Kindle, iBooks, Nook, Kobo, GooglePlay.

Then don’t miss the books that follow ALMOST A BRIDE — MATCH MADE IN WYOMING and MY HEART REMEMBERS.

Offering these free romance novels is to celebrate the upcoming release of a new book in the series – JACK’S HEART, which is coming soon.

JACK’S HEART is the story of loner Jack Ralston, the foreman of the Currick’s Slash-C ranch in Knighton, Wyoming. When he comes to the aid of a young and very pregnant woman stranded  during a Wyoming blizzard, he has no way of knowing that this woman and the baby he delivers will turn his life upside down. Valerie Trimarco figures she had a hand in opening her cousin Eleanor’s heart in A NEW WORLD, so surely she can do the same for Jack. After all, she owes him everything. How hard can it be to break through the wall he’s erected around his heart … while keeping her own intact?

  JACK’S HEART is already available for preorder on iBooks and Kobo and              GooglePlay. Look for it soon at more retailers.