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In honor of my Caught Dead in Wyoming mystery series, my assistant Gabriella Samuels is writing for my newsletter and blog a series of consumer tips inspired by TV reporter Elizabeth Margaret Danniher.

Only three months left until the Paris Olympics. People from all over will come together to share cultures and celebrate amazing human athleticism. Whether it is tickets, hotels, or merchandise, there are many things to spend money on and even more people trying to scam you out of that money.

Paris Olympics scams are rapidly on the rise. According to AARP, officials around the world, including Olympics officials are warning travelers about potential scams. Here are some ways scammers might exploit you and what to be vigilant of:

  1. Friend-money: Scammers can exploit hacked accounts to impersonate friends and request money from loved ones. They typically pretend to have lost their wallet and ask you to send money via PayPal or Zelle.
  2. Ticket Scams: Counterfeit ticket sales for the Olympic and Paralympic Games have been reported, cautioning against ticketing scams. Remember to purchase tickets from official sources.
  3. Accommodation Scams: Beware of scammers who may try to trick you with fake accommodation offers or high prices for poor-quality accommodations. The offers may not even exist. Always use reputable booking platforms and check reviews.
  4. Phishing Attempts: Scammers use phishing emails and messages to deceive individuals into providing personal information by pretending to offer official information or exclusive access to events.
  5. Merchandise Scams: Beware of scams involving counterfeit merchandise and souvenirs. Buy official merchandise from accredited stores to steer clear of counterfeit goods.
  6. Travel Scams: Stay vigilant when considering travel packages that lack transparency regarding flights, hotels, and event access. It’s possible to come across travel deals claiming to be “all-inclusive” but lacking certain crucial elements of the journey.

Netwrix, a cybersecurity organization, has shared tips to avoid being scammed when traveling to the Olympics. They stressed the importance of utilizing official ticketing sites, double-checking travel options, and remaining cautious of suspicious emails that claim to be official.

Report any scam you encounter to the official Paris Olympics website and Federal Trade Commission.

And if you’re anticipating the upcoming Olympics as much as we are, you might enjoy Patricia’s The Games, her Olympics Village romance set at a Winter Games.