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Some invitations you don’t refuse. Especially not when they start that most wonderful of phrases tapping away in your head – What if…

That’s what happened in 2013 when I received the exciting and flattering invitation to write a story in the Four Weddings and a Fiasco world created by multi-talented Bella Andre, writing as Lucy Kevin. What if the pros at the Rose Chalet needed to put on a make-believe wedding with very little time to do it and for a good cause? What if the couple in that make-believe wedding had excellent reasons not to explore feelings that just might not be make-believe? What if . . . they had to pull off The Wedding Caper?

It was great fun to play in Lucy Kevin’s much-loved world, having K.D., Eric and other characters I created interacting with Lucy's. But in July, Amazon shut down the Kindle Worlds website. Rights to "fan authors" revert to the original author, so I am in negotiation with Bella Andre about my characters and plot lines. Look for a new version of The Wedding Caper, possibly coming in 2019.

Here’s more about The Wedding Caper:

The Rose Chalet specializes in wedding days that give couples the perfect way to start their Happily Ever Afters. But when owner Rose Martin discovers a nearby business could be specializing in breaking up couples, she calls on her friends and staff to help find out what’s going on.

Wife is the last thing K.D. Hamilton wants to be. Ever. But this undercover opportunity has the potential to advance her law enforcement career, so she’ll have the wedding she never imagined.

Eric Larkin has been through one wedding . . . and the disillusionment of a divorce. He’s not ready for another. But there are couples trying to make their marriages work who are being taken advantage of, and he has to do something about it.

K.D. and Eric have one week. One week…

To learn enough about each other to pass as a married couple. And to find out what kind of ever-after can possibly follow a make-believe wedding.

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