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Caught Dead in Wyoming Book Five

“There’s a body in my bed. A dead body.”

The call from a friend staying at Sherman’s newest – okay, only – B&B starts Elizabeth Margaret “E.M.” Danniher on a twisting, turning journey where appearances not only deceive, they turn deadly.

When her TV reporter friend Wardell Yardley comes to visit, they take a weekend trip to Yellowstone Park and encounter a surprising set of people. Including a team-building group from social media mega-force VisageTome, a mysterious older couple, and someone from Elizabeth’s childhood.

Elizabeth senses undercurrents in this strange assortment that just about pull her and her friends underwater for good when everyone shows up in her tiny Sherman, Wyoming, town.

Not only is there a murder to solve – and fast – there’s also a new sheriff in town, whose No. 1 rule might be No Sleuthing By Journalists.

Look Live is a TV news term. A reporter appears to be live at a scene, perhaps for an introduction or the toss back to the anchor desk, but in fact the entire report is taped. A misleading perception, carefully set up. Ah, the dangers of deceiving appearances …

Elizabeth, her KWMT-TV colleague Mike Paycik, rancher Tom Burrell, and their supporting staff of idiosyncratic sleuths untangle what happens when it’s not enough to merely … LOOK LIVE.


From Readers' 5-Star Reviews

"Really enjoying this series, with its humor and vivid characters. The love triangle is very well done and E.M.'s problems are believable. There's a real love for the "wide open spaces" in McLinn's writing and it's a pleasure to visit the world she so beautifully creates."

"Another engaging murder mystery. McLinn injects humor at just the right times, keeping it always interesting and light, and with a surprising ending. You never know 'who done it' till the very end!"

"Love the whole series, the ensemble cast of characters, the town's quirks and the descriptions of the area and the TV news business. The author's voice is wonderful, full of fun."


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