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Caught Dead in Wyoming Book 8

One of their own becomes a target ...

Hot Roll is a broadcast term. It can simply mean cutting away from an interview to "b-roll" (scene-setting or explanatory footage) or it can mean the adrenaline-pumping drama of broadcast live from a bureau or TV truck because there’s no time to do anything else.

The horrible news that Jennifer’s dear friend has died starts TV reporter Elizabeth Danniher, with friends Mike, Tom and Diana plus the rest of the Caught Dead in Wyoming crew, on an investigation that moves faster -- and closer to them -- than any of them could ever expect. One of their own becomes a target and they race time and a murderer before this Hot Roll burns them all.

I’m extremely fortunate to have found amazing Wyoming photographer Nicolaus Wegner, whose  landscapes and stormscapes have provided the background for all the Caught Dead in Wyoming covers since Shoot First  This cover was chosen in an informal poll of my newsletter subscribers and was designed by the equally wonderful Art by Karri, my go-to cover designer.

Hot Roll is available at all the major ebook retailers and at my ebookstore, and in paperback at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Now available in paperback!Patricia McLinn, Caught Dead in Wyoming, murder mystery, amateur sleuth, women sleuths, mystery with humor

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