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Caught Dead in Wyoming Book 11

Breaking news: Storm clouds at the station

Every TV news viewer has seen the side effects of too much cross talk: a live debate devolves into chaos, an interviewer and her subject don’t connect on key questions and answers, a news anchor’s flow is disrupted by missed signals.

Sometimes it makes for good TV, other times it just leads to a train wreck.

Changes are afoot in the KWMT-TV newsroom, the missing presence of sports hero Mike Paycik and the blossoming of aide Jennifer Lawton, the resilience of persistent consumer advocate/investigative reporter Elizabeth “E.M.” Danniher, and the simmering resentment of egotistical news anchor Thurston Fine. The team of amateur sleuths working with Elizabeth, which includes ace videographer Diana Stendahl, is evolving, too, looping in KWMT producer Audrey Adams.

Not surprisingly, supermarket cashier Penny Czylinski, who bags all the town’s best gossip and knows a thing or two about cross talk, is the first to perceive dark clouds on the horizon not only in their small-town Sherman, Wyoming, but also in the KWMT newsroom itself. Because something big is coming, and it involves murder, and it’s closing in on KWMT.