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Caught Dead in Wyoming Book Seven

Coming in August

Spring Beckons, but Winter’s Chill Remains …

In television, a cold open sometimes rolls before the opening credits, often a teaser to news or a feature to follow. For TV journalist Elizabeth Margaret “E.M.” Danniher, a frigid March and April are just a tease for spring after a long Wyoming winter.

In her short time in tiny Sherman, she’s learned that winter starts in October and might not end until June. Since last June, a series of murders have tested her and her KWMT-TV colleagues’ reporting – and amateur sleuth — skills. And the small town’s rumor mill is churning about her relationship with handsome sports reporter Mike Paycik – or is it rugged rancher Tom Burrell?

As winter winds down, Elizabeth is ready for spring and looking for a place of her own. Ah, a little peace and quiet as she begins to settle in Cottonwood County. That is, until she discovers homicide at her front door.

You can pre-order now at Amazon (just added) as well as  iTunes, Nook, Kobo and Google Play. Release date is August 12.

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