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Celebrate the holidays with a cowboy, a princess and a small-town single father as each finds their hearts’ desires in these stand-alone books. The trees, the lights, the gifts, the music, the magic of the season all come to life in:

Wyoming Wildflowers: The Beginning (Wyoming Wildflowers, Book 1): The story of touring stage actress Donna and Wyoming rancher Ed, whose lives are worlds apart. It’s love at first sight, but can they ever bridge the distance?

The Christmas Princess (The Wedding Series, Book 5): The holidays are looking grim for April, until she’s mistaken for a princess. Enter Hunter, who may not be a prince but is definitely charming, and some royal matchmaking.

Falling for Her (Seasons in a Small Town series, Book 3): As the seasons change from autumn to winter, an unconventional woman, Vanessa, and a high school principal, Josh, fall under the spell of the holidays — and each other.

While each story can be read alone, you can enjoy more love stories in the series they’re part of.

christmas romance box set patricia mclinn

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