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Caught Dead in Wyoming Book Six

Even Long Memories Fade, but Murder Never Dies

Elizabeth “E.M.” Danniher has been among TV journalism’s elite. But divorcing her network exec husband ends not only her marriage but her career, and she’s banished to tiny KWMT-TV in Sherman, Wyoming, to finish out her contract. Now she’s exploring what comes next -– in her career, her life, and her relationships with family, friends, and those who’d like to be more than friends.

But she’s not being left in peace to wrestle with these issues because she keeps being drawn in to murder investigations. Now Elizabeth, and handsome KWMT colleague Mike Paycik, rugged rancher Thomas Burrell, and her colorful cast of collaborators, plunge into mysteries from the past that threaten the present. To succeed, they must untangle characters and plotlines from a long-hidden Back Story.


More Readers' 5-Star Reviews

"I will confess to being addicted to this series and characters. I LIKE them . I wish they were real.... Elizabeth's co-workers and friends are showing her what is important in life. I am rooting for a romance between her and a certain rancher, but in the meantime, I enjoy the series and can't wait for the next installment."

"McLinn’s writing style is insightful, and well-organized so that all the loose threads, clues and motives weave together and tie with a bow. I appreciate the way she develops her characters using drama, mystery and humor."

"The books in this series just keep getting better and better. When I read other authors I can usually figure out the villains but not in these stories by McLinn. Thanks for making us think."


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