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A while back, I wrote a blog about how scammers are running amok on Amazon, especially in Amazon KU, how it hurts you as readers, and that Amazon had not displayed any concern over this.

Now, Amazon is further hurting readers by “disappearing” legit books from long-established and legit authors whose books you love … while still not eradicating the scammers who are pretty darned blatant (I’m being restrained here. <wg>)  I can skim down a bestseller list and spot them. Amazon’s oh-so-sophisticated algorithms juuuuuuust can seem to see them.


Yet, Amazon is “disappearing” legit books by legit authors and sending these authors vague and threatening emails.

Want to get the details? Read David Gaughran’s excellent blog (though possibly more detailed than most readers will want.)

Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy about the ‘Zon, doesn’t it?

What can you do about it?

–Avoid those scam books like the plague. (See earlier blog for How-to-Spot tips.)

–Email Amazon and say you’re distressed to hear that real books are being hidden, while fake books remain all over their “bestselling” lists. (See why I put that in quotes in this blog.)

–Use additional retailers to buy your books.

Why this irks me

It’s not fair. I have a thing about unfairness. I know, I know, “Life’s not fair.” Well, it should be, darn it. <wg> And that’s a windmill I’ll tilt at.

It is, at its core, misleading and a disservice to readers. That really bugs me. (In case you can’t tell.)

It hurts authors trying their darnedest to bring you books you love and to make a living for themselves and their families.

To be clear, I have not been hit by this. (Perhaps I should add “yet” to that?) I have received vague and accusatory emails from Amazon on different topics that were utterly unfounded. Sometimes I can shrug them off as canned responses. Sometimes it makes me even more irate that Amazon chooses such language and such an approach for its boilerplate.

Should you, as a reader, care about all that arcane stuff? Nah.

But should you care about legit books being hidden from you and scam books being shoved in your face?  Oh, hell, yes. … IMHO. 😉