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FireShot Screen Capture #202 - 'Podcast Episode 38 - Almost a Bride, a western romance (Wyoming Wildflowers Book 1)' - www_readersintheknow_com_podcast_38I had a great surprise while I was traveling last week to attend the wonderful New England Romance Writers of America annual conference — a podcast with a preview of ALMOST A BRIDE.

This was the brainchild of Simon Denman, the force behind Readers in the Know.. Simon is also the narrator, which gives the audio a different sound, since he’s English. (Simon says he thought not trying to speak Wyoming, was the better part of valor. 😉 But after listening to this, I might just have to write a story with an English cowboy. There were some in Wyoming in the 1870s. Thinking, thinking…)

Readers in the Know is a great service to help readers find their next read. It’s UK-based, but open to readers all over the globe. There are all kinds of books, including most of mine. (It will be all of mine. Soon. Really. Soon. It’s on the To-Do scroll.) Check it out!

And speaking of listening to ALMOST A BRIDE … don’t forget the complete story is available as an audiobook. So are the other books in the Wyoming Wildflowers series, with JACK’S HEART scheduled for release this summer as the latest addition to the romance audiobooks series.

Don’t forget … if you already have the Kindle book of ALMOST A BRIDE or other Wyoming Wildflowers titles, you can add the audiobooka for just $1.99. Great deal. 🙂

Plus, the audiobook of ALMOST A BRIDE is also available on iTunes and Audible.

Happy listening!