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A hearty welcome to Elaine Coghlan, who lives in the greater London area, as the newest member of my Readers Hall of Fame. Elaine says she first discovered my work in 2015, when she was filling her new Kobo e-reader with deals from BookBub. She picked up a free copy of my first Wyoming Wildflowers story, Almost a Bride (“that is what got me hooked”), and now is up to 42 books. Now that’s a fan!

Elaine, whose favorite spot for reading is “in my lounge,” says what she loves about reading is “being drawn into a book into another world.” When asked if any books made a difference in your life, she replied: “I read more now, didn’t like it when I was younger, so making time up now. I Google the places to see if they are real so I can get a picture of the location.” You can read more about Elaine and other Hall of Famers in the Extra! Extra! section of my website.

Do you have a nominee for my Readers Hall of Fame? Drop me a note about why that person – it could be you — should be recognized as a Hall of Fame reader. You can email me at or write to P.O. Box 494, Burlington, KY 41005.

Nominees must be:
a) a reader,
b) a frequent reader of Patricia McLinn books (it is my Hall of Fame, after all)
c) not related to the author (sorry, Sister!)
d) not incarcerated, wanted by law enforcement or under indictment,
e) a generally upstanding human being

All decisions are final, and are at the sole discretion of Patricia McLinn.