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The Forgotten Prince, The Wedding Series, Book 6 Patricia McLinnShe was going to pretend she didn’t remember him.

There it is. The first line in THE FORGOTTEN PRINCE (The Wedding Series, Book 7.) This is a big deal to me.

Okay, the first line of a book is important to every author. But that’s usually because that’s how an author starts writing the book. I don’t.

I generally start somewhere in the middle. Frequently when the characters are at odds with each other — sometimes overtly, sometimes as subtext. For those of you who have read my April release WHERE LOVE LIVES: The Inheritance (Wyoming Wildflowers, Book 6), the first scene I wrote was when they’re in the horse trailer, trying to figure out what caused the boy’s reaction.

For THE FORGOTTEN PRINCE it’s … no, not going to tell you that yet. Mostly because things change — a lot — as I write. Only a little because I’m a tease. 😉

So I’ve been writing bits and pieces of THE FORGOTTEN PRICE. And then the scene at the beginning came to me. This is way, way, way earlier than it usually happens. It’s a little strange, actually, to have the beginning roughed in. But I’ll take it.

Every word written might is a good word.

For now.

Until I start editing…