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Have you been keeping up with our great conversations of 15 Things that help support the authors you love. Here are tips #4-7 which emphasize word of mouth and reviewing.

Interacting with ads helps the author a lot as it helps boost the ad which ultimately helps authors gain new readers.

As mentioned with tip #2, libraries are always a great for supporting authors. Do you use your libraries often? Which authors do you like to check out?

As we all love gushing over our favorite authors, another way to help support authors you love is through recommendations. They are a great way to spread the word and help your authors find new readers.

As you might buy books, why not leave a review? It helps support authors who might be less known and helps readers find books to fall in love with.

As discussed in these tips, liking, reviewing, and word of mouth recommendations really help spread the word about an author. It doesn’t cost you a penny and helps support your author’s books. How are these ideas helping you so far? Let me know what you think. 🙂