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If you’ve followed me on social media, then you might’ve seen my 15 things you can do help you support the authors you love. Readers loving books and their authors is the best! After a conversation with readers about what they could do to spread the word about authors and books they love, I put together some ideas. 15 to be exact! We’ll be sharing them here over the next months in cased you missed it them! 🙂

Every little bit helps get your favorites authors’ names out there and boost their books.

Going to your favorite author’s website to buy their books directly helps the author.


Libraries are amazing resources to learn and explore new books! Even better is the ability to support the authors you love through suggesting their books in libraries. Which books do you wish were in libraries?


We all love getting books on Amazon, so here is another great idea to help support the authors you love!


What do you think of these tips so far? Giving you ideas on ways to help support authors? Every little bit helps and both readers and authors win!