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New romance for you

A new series has added to my catalog: The Wyoming Marriage Association. Characters you love from my other Wyoming romance series join forces to bring together people they hope will find love and happiness as they have. You can now buy the first book in the series, First Date: Divorce, and pre-order the second title, Second Start: Family, which is coming in 2023. Expect love, romance, humor and a little mystery.

Caught Dead in Wyoming cozy mystery small-town crime murder Patricia McLinn series collection

Panning for a new mystery

In the latest Caught Dead in Wyoming story, Cross Talk, Elizabeth unravels a murder with ties to egotistical anchor Thurston Fine, plus other KWMT mysteries. Some clarity begins to form in the Tom-Mike question as well. That sets the stage for an answer in Book 12, Air Ready, now a pre-order at most ebook retailers.

Before the Murders short story prequel secret sleuth Caught dead in Wyoming Patricia McLinn cozy mystery

When Sheila Met Elizabeth

Before the Murders places Sheila (from Secret Sleuth) and Elizabeth (Caught Dead in Wyoming) in a historic London hotel months before Sheila boarded the Diversion and Elizabeth wound up in Wyoming. Sheila and Kit team up with Elizabeth to unravel a non-murderous mystery. Read this exclusive novella for free by joining Patricia’s ReadHeads and receive free, twice monthly newsletters.

Meet Patricia McLinn


Wondering what unites 60-plus books of mystery, romance, women’s fiction? My readers–Patricia’s ReadHeads–say it’s strong characters you’d like to know, touches of dry humor, smart plots, connected stories, and settings that make you want to move in. 

Explore the site to find excerpts, reviews, covers for my books – I hope something suits you. Check out Extras for Readers and Extras for Writers, along with a News section (former journalist here) and my Blog.

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