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Self-Publishing Spotlight

Enjoyed by Self-Publishing guest stint (Sept. 10). You can catch it on YouTube or, later, on my Extras for Writers page. The show, co-hosted by Self-Publishing Formula co-founders and authors Mark Dawson and James Blatch, covered topics such as writing characters that readers care about, what new writers should focus on, and starting a book by eavesdropping on characters in conversation.

caught dead apple books

Catch Book #10 now!

Body Brace, Book 10 in the Caught Dead in Wyoming series, is a smart, surprising, fast-paced cozy mystery with humor. If you like quirky characters, hints of romance and twists you won’t see coming, order Body Brace from your favorite online store today!

caught dead apple books

Let’s talk discovery!

I was a guest on Joanna Penn’s The Creative Penn podcast, discussing discovery writing (a.k.a. pantsing), how to write a novel with structure if you don’t plot in advance, and building a writing career for the long-term. Many thanks to Joanna for inviting me, I loved our chat!

Meet Patricia McLinn


Wondering what unites 50-plus books of mystery, romance, women’s fiction? My readers–Patricia’s ReadHeads–say it’s strong characters you’d like to know, touches of dry humor, smart plots, connected stories, and settings that make you want to move in. 

Explore the site to find excerpts, reviews, covers for my books – I hope something suits you. Check out Extras for Readers and Extras for Writers, along with a News section (former journalist here) and my Blog.

Give my Authors Love Readers podcast a try. It’s conversations between authors about how and why we create our stories, asking questions readers want to know. Fascinating for readers, a goldmine for aspiring authors.

Happy reading and listening! And feel free to read more about me here.

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