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Second Start Family by Patricia McLinn The Wyoming Marriage Association Wyoming Wildflowers Bardville Wyoming western romance series

Matchmakers strike again

Sometimes love needs a nudge. The women of the Wyoming Marriage Association get busy again in Second Start: Family, hoping to make a connection for Hall Quick, the widowed rancher from Making Christmas, and Kenzie Smith, who has her own reasons for moving from North Carolina to teach at a tiny rural school. Look for charachters you love from other romance series.

Air Ready by Patricia McLinn Caught Dead in Wyoming cozy mystery series amateur sleuth women sleuth small-town crime cops fiction

The Tom or Mike question …

… is answered! In the months since big-city TV reporter Elizabeth Danniher arrived in small-town Wyoming, she’s investigated a string of murders. Over time, she’s also been drawn to both enigmatic rancher Tom Burrell and her KWMT colleague Mike Paycik. In Air Ready (Caught Dead in Wyoming, Book 12), Elizabeth looks deep into her heart and decides. Cue Up (pre-order now!) explores what’s next.

Death on ZigZag Trail, Secret Sleuth xozy mystery series, author Patricia McLinn, small-town Kentucky, rescue dogs, crime fiction, murder whodunit

History – and murder – repeat

NOW IN AUDIO! Sheila and Clara grapple with the mystery of ZigZag Jane – a Jane Doe from a century ago, found in a cemetery on ZigZag Trail. While they search for ZigZag Jane’s real identity, another death haunts Haines Tavern. The audiobook of Death on ZigZag Trail (Secret Sleuth, Book 7), narrated by Betsy Moore, is out now, and Book 8, Death on Puzzle Place, is available for pre-order. 

Meet Patricia McLinn


Wondering what unites 60-plus books of mystery, romance, women’s fiction? My readers–Patricia’s ReadHeads–say it’s strong characters you’d like to know, touches of dry humor, smart plots, connected stories, and settings that make you want to move in. 

Explore the site to find excerpts, reviews, covers for my books – I hope something suits you. Check out Extras for Readers and Extras for Writers, along with a News section (former journalist here) and my Blog.

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Happy reading and listening! And feel free to read more about me here.

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