Wyoming Wildflowers

“If you’ve been feeling burned out and let down by category romance,
the Wyoming Wildflowers series will remind you how much there is to love in the genre.”

— Writers Club Romance Group on AOL

The Beginning by Patricia McLinn Almost A Bride by Patricia McLinn 
My Heart Remembers a-new-world-150-150x225JacksHeart_ebook_600
Rodeo-Nights-150x225  a cowboy wedding patricia mclinnBooks: Patricia McLinn Wyoming-Wildflowers-Collection

Wyoming Wildflowers Series

Prequel — Wyoming Wildflowers: The Beginning (Snowberry)
Almost a Bride* (Indian Paintbrush)
Match Made in Wyoming* (Fireweed)
My Heart Remembers* (Bur Marigold)
— A New World (prequel to Jack’s Heart)
Jack’s Heart (Yellow Monkeyflower)
— Rodeo Nights (prequel to Where Love Lives)
Where Love Lives: The Inheritance (Threadleaf Phacelia)
A Cowboy Wedding

Wyoming Wildflowers Trilogy Boxed Set (Books 2-4)

Wyoming Wildflowers Box Set Two (Book 5, Jack’s Heart, and its prequel, A New World)

Wyoming Wildflowers: The Complete Series (Books 1-6)

Wyoming Wildflowers: The Complete Collection (Books 1-6, plus two prequels)

The characters in this series were clamoring away in my head for their stories, but I hadn’t yet found the thread to tie them together. When I picked up a linen dishtowel I’d brought back from a research trip to Wyoming — there they were: Wyoming Wildflowers.

I’d love to do more Wildflowers someday!

The covers of the current editions are taken from an original painting I commissioned by Virginia artist Moira McQuillen. You can see the complete artwork on the boxed set cover.

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