Courting a Cowboy

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Courting A Cowboy by Patricia McLinn

A young lady seeking a particular kind of husband.

A ranch full of cowhands who have long adored her from a distance.

A foreman who’s got his hands full … and his heart on the line…

Sophie Vandercook leaves her post as an instructor at an Academy for Young Ladies in St. Louis, and heads to the OS Ranch in Wyoming Territory with a plan. It seems the perfect place, since her older half-brother is employed there. There’s just one thing in her way — the ranch’s foreman, Nate Abbott.

Nate has a ranch to run, a vital roundup to get through, and a bunkhouse full of cowhands smitten from afar with a young lady they all consider Our Sophie. So there’s no time – or reason – to consider exactly what her letters might be stirring in him. Then Sophie arrives in Wyoming.

Secrets tumble, problems multiply, and the OS outfit is turned on its head wondering if Sophie will wed a cowboy?

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“Filled with humor, a heartwarming plot, secrets, schemes that go awry, interesting characters, clever dialogue and romance, this story is a delight. … Do not miss it!”

– – Romance Junkies Reviews

“… headstrong Sophie Vandercook arrives from St. Louis with her own plan – to round up a husband. Funny, winsome and brimming with passion!”

– Judith Arnold

“A nice story of Wyoming cattle ranches in the 1880s. No cussin’, no drugs and no shoot-outs. Just a stubborn woman and a more-than-stubborn man batting at each other every chance they get.”


“Fast paced and funny, the book will also tug at your heart. Don’t miss it!”

– 5* KRS

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