Western Historicals

My interest in writing about Wyoming’s history started standing in front of a historical marker on my first trip to the state. It listed the military personnel who died in a fight with Indians, at the bottom adding “and three civilians.” I wondered about those “three civilians” and started reading about Wyoming in that era.

Widow Woman by Patricia McLinn courting a cowboy patricia mclinn

Widow Woman
Courting a Cowboy
To Love a Cowboy

Western Historicals Boxed Set by Patricia McLinn

WIDOW WOMAN follows a woman struggling to keep her ranch going, pressured by powerful men, and deeply drawn to the wrong one.

COURTING A COWBOY is a lighter look at a St. Louis lady coming West to meet the half-brother she barely remembers … and to find herself a convenient husband.

Oh, yes, and there is a story that stemmed from “and three civilians.” Actually, it’s a multi-book series centered around elements of the history of Wyoming. I had almost finished one book when I realized it wasn’t Book 1 of the series, but rather Book 2. So, I must get back and write Book 1. I’ll get there eventually!


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