Grady's Wedding

Grady's Wedding by Patricia McLinnThe last bachelor: Grady Roberts.

Grady Roberts has never been the marrying kind — and he still isn’t. But after watching his best friends walk down the aisle and start families, flipping through his little black book and ordering take–out for one suddenly seems boring … and lonely. Yet the one woman who intrigues him keeps him at arm’s length.

Leslie Craig is human. She feels the full effect of handsome, intelligent, wealthy, successful Grady’s attraction … and his loneliness. It’s the last element that snags her heart. She’s developed a knack for helping people with problems and sorrows without ever revealing her own. Can she do that for Grady?

Or, if he discovers the truth, will he hurt her so deeply she’ll never recover?

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“… Such true-to-life characters that you might find yourself saying ‘Hey, I know someone just like that.'”

– Under the Covers Book Reviews

“Another thought-provoking Patricia McLinn winner! … Definitely a book I could not put down.”

– 5-Star Review

The Wedding Series

Prelude to a Wedding*
Wedding Party*
Grady’s Wedding*
The Runaway Bride
The Christmas Princess
Hoops (prequel to The Surprise Princess)
The Surprise Princess
Not a Family Man (prequel to The Forgotten Prince)
The Forgotten Prince

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