The Wedding Series

You are cordially invited …to join the celebration as college friends embark
on the greatest education of all — falling in love.

Starting in October, this contemporary romance series set in the small town of Tobias, Wisconsin, is to be re-released in ebook form. Pre-orders are available now at major book retailers.

Prelude to a Wedding by Patricia McLinn Wedding Party by Patricia McLinn Grady's Wedding by Patricia McLinn
 TheRunawayBride_ebook_Final_small The Christmas Princess by Patricia McLinn  hoops patricia mclinn
the runaway bride patricia mclinn Not A Family Man by Patricia McLinn  The Forgotten Prince by Patricia McLinn

the-wedding-series-boxthe wedding series box set 2 patricia mclinn


The Wedding Series

Prelude to a Wedding*
Wedding Party*
Grady’s Wedding*
The Runaway Bride**
The Christmas Princess**
Hoops (prequel to The Surprise Princess)
The Surprise Princess
Not a Family Man (prequel to The Forgotten Prince)
The Forgotten Prince

*Get all three books at a discount in one volume in The Wedding Series boxed set

*Get Books 4 and 5 in one volume in The Wedding Series Box Set 2


I actually wrote Wedding Party first in this series. Then a writer friend who’d read the manuscript said, “You know this is the middle book of a trilogy, don’t you?” I hadn’t until she said it, but when I re-read the manuscript there was Paul’s story and Grady’s story, all ready to be written.


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