At the Heart's Command


“A Place Called Home”

VRW HOLT Award finalist

Colonel John Griffin Jr. is a good and honorable soldier, determined to protect Ellyn Sinclair at all costs – especially from himself.

Once, he’d rejected a young Ellyn’s advances, because he could not give her the life she deserved. Instead, Grif stood up as best man when Ellyn married his best friend. Then, he became a member of the family, godfather to her children.

But now Ellyn is a widow, back in Far Hills, Wyoming with her two young children, and having a tough time. And no matter what it costs him, Grif will do his duty – help Ellyn and her children, while ignoring that he has never stopped wanting her.

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“A beautiful, emotional story that cuts right through the reader’s heart. Ms. McLinn is an amazing storyteller whose insight into the human heart is extraordinary. She leaves her audience eagerly anticipating the third novel of this fantastic series.”

— Rendezvous

“A touching and believable love story.”

– Romance Journal

“A cast of characters and a story that will stay with you long after you read the last page and the book is resting comfortably on your keeper shelf.”

– Writers Club Romance Group

“This story will capture your attention from page one. Grif is a commanding, yet tormented soul, and Ellyn is a gutsy, strong heroine whose heart is as big as Wyoming.”

– Old Book Barn Gazette

“A sensitive, emotional story … Grif is a hero of the most wonderful kind.”

– Road to Romance

The Series

Lost and Found Groom
At the Heart’s Command
Hidden in a Heartbeat
A Place Called Home Boxed Set

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