Oh, You're Home

This came from a relative who received it from a friend.

Love it!

I didn’t do it. Had nothing to do with it. Never saw it before in my life.

One Response to “Oh, You’re Home”
  1. Kay Coyte says:

    That reminds me of the time I tied my horse Cheetah to a hook outside the door leading to a small tack room where kids also kept horse feed in big metal cans. There was a crude wooden “step” up into the door. I went into the house and when I came back, no Cheetah. Then I saw the lead rope going into the tack room. When I yelled his name, he stuck his head out the door. Busted! Then I worried he’d jump out too fast and whip his neck on the still-attached rope. As I run for the door yelling, “Whoa! Whoa!” he jumps out, pivots like a Lippizaner, and looks at me, like, “What?” That horse was too smart for his own good.

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