Last Ditch

Book Four: Caught Dead in Wyoming

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A man in a wheelchair goes missing in rough country in the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming. Elizabeth “E.M.” Danniher and KWMT-TV colleague Mike Paycik immediately join the search organized by local rancher Thomas Burrell.

But soon they’re on a search of a different kind – a search for the truth. It takes them deep into the intricacies of the community served by the Red Sail Ditch – the irrigation system that could make a ranch viable or worthless. They find rivalries, cooperation, antagonisms, inter-dependencies, and motives for murder.

… Or Get You Killed.

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Some LAST DITCH snippets: 

Deputy Dwayne Shelton squinted up at me. “You’ve got a suspicious mind, Elizabeth Margaret Danniher. It’s your one redeeming quality.”

– – – – –

Elizabeth: Sure I could have told her I was meeting someone, but then it would have been natural for her to want to know who and what we were going to talk about, so she might try to figure out a way to overhear us.

At least that would have been natural for me.

– – – – –

A sound brought my gaze to him. He was trying to swallow a grin. Only some of it lingered around his lips, like chocolate on a toddler.

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