New Boxed Set Just 99 Cents for You!

WyomingWild Boxed Set smallerStarters are those tasty, mouth-watering, dishes that begin you on a delightful meal. That’s what I hope this new boxed set will be for you – starters of my three contemporary western romance series to introduce you to the stories of Knighton (Wyoming Wildflowers series), Far Hills Ranch (A Place Called Home), and Bardville (Bardville, Wyoming series.)

It’s available for a special price of just 99 cents through Thursday, Nov. 26 – that’s Thanksgiving here in the United States, and my way to say thanks to you – the best readers ever!

It’s available on Amazon  Kindle now, with the other retailers following very soon.

Hope you enjoy.

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Keeping Up With The Wedding Series

TWS prelude free Sept 2015

TSP_ebook_FinalThe Surprise Princess is available everywhere now. Preorder The Forgotten Prince at iBooks, Kobo, and GooglePlay so far. The Surprise Princess is Katie and Brad’s story. At the end of The Christmas Princess, you met Katie Davis, who resembles April Gareaux – The Christmas Princess.

As The Surprise Princess opens, she lives a quiet, unassuming life, working in the Ashton University men’s basketball team office. But things are about to change for Katie. Assistant basketball coach Brad Spencer right in the middle of all this change.

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Meet Brad as a student and enjoy the unexpected romance of Ashton Coach C.J. Draper and Professor Carolyn Trent in Hoops.

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TheForgottenPrince_ebook_Final_smallThe Forgotten Prince continues the story with Prince Karl, whom you meet in The Surprise Princess. Here’s a sneak peak in this blog excerpt. Karl — a prince, a cowboy, and once a soldier — is about to face his toughest challenge when he encounters a women from his past. She’s forgotten him once. She can do it again … Even if he is a prince among men. Preorder your copy of this second chance at love story now.

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Before he knew he was a prince, Karl was a cowboy-in-training in Not A Family Man. Foreman Tucker Gates rules the Double Bar X Ranch … until new owner Jenny Peters arrives. A woman! A pretty woman with ideas of her own and two kids. Nothing could be worse for this cowboy who knows he is Not A Family Man.

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