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RIDE THE RIVER: RODEO KNIGHTS is a new western romance, part of a very special continuation of the popular Rodeo Knights series, with all 10 titles released on June 20.
Love your sexy rodeo cowboys with a touch of suspense? You’re going to love this. Ready to jump in the water right now? A link to all your favorite ebook stores is at right.

After spotting a pattern associated with the Western Rodeo Circuit, Regina (Reggie) is hunting a bank robber by going undercover at the rodeo. It’s the chance she’s wanted to prove that she can be an investigator. Except on Day One, she encounters the guy she’d once thought was The One. Not only could he blow her cover, but she realizes he is also a prime suspect. An injury gone wrong derailed Chapin’s surge to the top of the rodeo world. No matter what the experts say, he’s not ready to call it quits. But he’s been working his way back by competing as William C. Johnson – a k a Bill. One word from Reggie would turn the spotlight he’s been avoiding right on him. With each able to reveal what the other is hiding, they come to an uneasy truce. But as Reggie digs deeper, Chapin is noticing more than she would like. … And there are those old feelings that might have gotten a new lease on life.

And, for a limited time, my fellow Rodeo Knights contributors and I have put together an Instafreebie giveaway page, where you can download the 2015 Rodeo Knights trilogy or other titles that relate to this second roundup of Rodeo Knights stories. You can find my ALMOST A BRIDE there or discover new authors at no cost to you! By the way, the Wyoming Wildflowers series that includes Almost a Bride and continues this summer with A COWBOY WEDDING (more on that below) also contains a prequel, RODEO NIGHTS. Yep, that’s a different book, although look for a Kalli and Walker cameo in Ride the River, along with characters from my other books set in Wyoming. Don’t worry, I’ve even included a handy map to help you keep track of all the intersections.

The Season for a New Series

The hot-off-the-presses WARM FRONT completes the rolling releases of three new books and one updated edition of my Seasons in a Small Town contemporary romance series set in Drago, Illinois. The series revolves around the good people of rural and solid-but-struggling Drago, from its schools to its police department, small farms and businesses to varsity sports teams. WHAT ARE FRIENDS FOR? (Book 1, Spring) and THE RIGHT BROTHER (Book 2, Summer) were released in March, see links at right. I edited and updated FALLING FOR HER (Book 3, Autumn) and re-released it as a second edition in April. A brand-new book, the series finale Warm Front (Winter), was just released in May. 

Things heat up in this winter tale of Quince, a Zeke-Tech executive, and Anne, a Drago widow trying to save the family farm. You’ve met both of them in other Seasons books, and I hope you enjoy their stories in Warm Front.

Catch a Bouquet of Wildflowers

A new Wyoming Wildflowers story is coming! A COWBOY WEDDING chronicles the big day for Jack and Val, whom you met in JACK’S HEART, Book 5 of the Wyoming Wildflowers series. There will be lots of goings-on at the Slash-C Ranch and in Knighton, Wyoming, plus visits by characters from the Bardville, Wyoming and A Place Called Home series. For more background on the Massachusetts side of the wedding party, check out A NEW WORLD, the prequel to Jack’s Heart. It’s going to be a huge party -– get your invitation by pre-ordering now! Are you new to the Wyoming Wildflowers series? Start with ALMOST A BRIDE, the first story I wrote in this contemporary western series tied together by the unique characteristics — resilient, medicinal, cheerful, etc. — of certain wildflowers. You can download your free copy of Almost a Bride at your favorite ebook retailer now.

Bells Are Ringing for the Marry Me Series

The Marry Me series, contemporary romances set in the small town of Tobias, Wisconsin, launched Oct. 13 with the release of WEDDING OF THE CENTURY and THE UNEXPECTED WEDDING GUEST! Here’s a bit from an American Library Association review: “With her two latest books set in a perfectly realized and perfectly charming small town, McLinn has created two beautifully written, richly emotional love stories that are a joy to read.”

And the series is now complete with the recent release on Book 4, BABY BLUES AND WEDDING BELLS.

You’ve read about Steve Corbett’s brother Zach in the first books of the Marry Me series. Now he’s right here on the doorstep of Corbett House with his notorious past and his sparkling baby blue eyes. But relief at knowing he’s okay after years of absolute silence is complicated by what his return will mean to each of the people in this tight-knit group. Especially to the little girl named Nell, who is still absorbing the news that Steve, her beloved Daddy, isn’t her biological father. And that Zach is.

Also what it will mean to Fran Dalton. Her brother, Rob Dalton, finds his soulmate well outside his comfort zone in Book 3, A MOST UNLIKELY WEDDING. In Book 4, quiet, contained, rational Fran invites bad-boy Zach in to her home and her life. But not her heart – surely not her heart, because she wouldn’t ever take a risk like that … would she? Could she?

Join Zach and Fran in this emotional journey from the past to their future.

Buy now at the retailer of your choice!

Look Live Is Now Live

LOOK LIVE, the next Elizabeth Danniher adventure in my Caught Dead in Wyoming series, now is available at all the ebook retailers (see Latest Releases at right).

In Book 5, Elizabeth takes her visiting TV reporter friend Wardell Yardley for a long weekend trip to Yellowstone Park, where they meet a varied group of people. Elizabeth senses undercurrents, which soon threaten to pull her and her friends underwater for good.

It starts when she gets a call from Wardell from the new Sherman B&B: "There's a body in my bed. A dead body." That'll get the adrenaline going ...

If you haven't tried the Caught Dead in Wyoming series, I highly recommend starting with the first book, SIGN OFF, which is free right now on all major retailers. All books also are available in paperback. Do you prefer to listen rather than read? SIGN OFF and LEFT HANGING are available as audiobooks through Amazon, Audible and iTunes, both narrated by the wonderful Jane McLaughlin. And if you're a regular Caught Dead reader, you'll be happy to see that Book 6, BACK STORY, is in my writing pipeline now and already available for pre-order at most major retailers. Scheduled release is mid-October. Look for a Kindle pre-order this summer.

Where Love Lives: Wildflowers and a Windfall

Patricia McLinn The Inheritance
Billionaire Harold Hopewell traveled the world, encountering people and letting their stories touch him. In death, he is giving back, leaving an unusual will filled with life-altering bequests to the people he met along the way. Read The Inheritance series, and let their stories touch you.
This very special multi-author project tells how these bequests affect the life – and loves – of 14 of those people. WHERE LOVE LIVES, released in April, is part of this project, and is Book 6 in my Wyoming Wildflowers contemporary Western romance series.

Where-Love-Lives-Final1Zoe Parisi hasn’t forgotten rodeo cowboy Matt Halderman or the night he walked out on her. Now a doctor, Zoe wants nothing to do with him or his good looks, but this inheritance is a whole different matter, because she could improve medical care for Knighton, Wyoming, with those funds. But Matt has his sights on reclaiming his family's ranch and establishing a greener pasture for old rodeo horses. If only Zoe could get that money without dealing with Matt — the one man she wants to forget and can’t.

The Inheritance series began in March, with Kathryn Shay's A Burning Passion, followed by Judith Arnold's Take the Long Way Home. You can keep track of the latest releases on the series website or Facebook page. Keep coming back as we add news, freebies, contests and more!

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the inheritance series charm bracelet patricia mclinnCongratulations to Gisele P., winner of The Inheritance series charm bracelet. The charms, including a cowboy hat, the Eiffel Tower, a juke box, a Navy SEAL trident and an artist's palette, are now being added to a bracelet. All those who entered the contest by voting for their favorite charm were part of a drawing to win the completed 13-charm bracelet, and other entrants won Inheritance authors' books. To see the charms, click here: http://theinheritanceseries.com/inherit-the-charms-contest.



Royal Intrigue and a Prince to Remember

TheForgottenPrince TWITTERPrince Karl longs to once more be plain Karl Wethers, Wyoming rancher. Instead, his sense of responsibility, nurtured as a cowboy and honed in the Army, won’t let him turn his back on King Jozef of Bariavak. But he has a plan -- if he can pull it off.
Then international media consultant Harmon Reed re-enters his life. The Army brat who liked to juggle lit sticks of dynamite is now a woman who could explode that dynamite in his face. He’s fully occupied with trying to keep her from knowing anything about the complications of his royal life, because he will never trust her again, despite the pull of a love long gone.
Oh, yes, these two have a history. A history neither has forgotten … but can they forgive?

THE FORGOTTEN PRINCE, Book 7 of The Wedding Series, is Karl and Harmon's story, but also a chance to revisit characters you’ve come to love in Prelude to a Wedding, Wedding Party, Grady’s Wedding, The Christmas Princess, The Surprise Princess and At the Heart’s CommandNot a Family Man, the story of a ranch foreman and the attractive new owner of the Double Bar X, is a prequel to The Forgotten Prince.

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